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  • Robert & Martha McNeill says:

    For the last 2 years my husband and I have been going to Shreveport Family Dental. From the first visit we both found the staff and the dentist to be very professional, friendly and very attentive to all our dental needs and wants. I now smile more and I also make my husband smile more because when he smiles it makes me happy to see his great smile. We now have our regular visits and follow up on any problems we may run into, Family dental has been great to accomadate with emergency visits. We used to drive 20 miles to see the dentist but now Shreveport Family Dental has grown and opened up a new office on N Market, Shreveport so now I only have to drive 3 miles and I am there. great on rainy days.If they had a star rating I would give a 10 star for great service, friendly with great results. THINK OF IT AS INVESTING IN THE FUTURE AND YOUR SMILE. Smiles effect of what people think and how you feel about yourself. Take the time to go to Shreveport/Bossier Family Dental because you are worth it.

  • Joanne L says:

    For the past 2 years, our family (4 children) has been going to Shreveport Bossier Family Dental (Bossier Office). We were very lucky to find a good dental office our first try, and we like all our hygienists and dentists. We are a military family, and have not always found the right office. Our last visit while I was sitting in the waiting room I overheard one of the receptionist talking to an older man who needed dentures, and all his teeth pulled. The man was agitated by the cost since his insurance had limited coverage for the procedure. You could tell he was on a budget. I was truly amazed how the receptionist Christy handled the situation. She was so compassionate how she explained his billing, and what assistance he qualified for. She told him to think it over the weekend, and to call if he was going to make an appointment. She handled the situation so empathetically the man made his appointment before leaving the office. I felt she genuinely cared for him. Kudos to Christy, the Bossier team is blessed to have her!

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